Cristina Vega

Cristina Vega

Senior Technical Executive Producer
Spanish and mother of 2 cute little monsters, Cris holds a Master in Computer Science. Through her career, she has worked as a programmer, project manager, director, VP of engineering and currently she is working as Senior Technical Executive Producer at IOI interactive - all this experience gives her a 360 view of what technology is about. Most of her experiences are within the video game industry, but she has also worked in retail companies such as IKEA. Cris also engages in different volunteer initiatives and mentorship programs with the hope of making the world of technology more diverse, inclusive and accessible.


Hitman Series

Talks & sessions

Panel Dicussion: Are diversity, inclusion and equity moving at the right pace?

Diversity  is a hot topic in every industry these days, but specially in the  gaming industry. Every person one talks to is up for including and  equity, however  scandals keep on popping and our offices and the games we make are not  yet that diverse. Why and what can we do? 

Andrés Ortiz Suaréz (Deck Nine)
Gabby Llanillo (Riot Games)
Linda Komsic (Square Enix)
Hosted by: Cristina Vega (IO Interactive)

The power of Glacier

Award wining enging Glacier, Io-Interactive's propietary engine powering the Hitman games, it is not only remarkable efficient in terms of performance, but also in terms of development. Glacier is developed by a central team of about 60 very skilled programmers working with 3 concurrent project at a time - and no, we do not do overtime (like ever!). If you'd like to hear more, drop by this talk, I'll walk you through the insights of our organizational processes and tools that enable our teams.