Gabby Llanillo

Gabby Llanillo

QA Supervisor
Gabby Llanillo is a QA Supervisor on Valorant at Riot Games with nearly 5 years of experience in thef games industry. She previously worked on The Last of Us Part II at Naughty Dog as a QA lead, and did localization for Square Enix and Idea Factory Intl. She hopes to continue to advocate for increasing diversity in both video games and the workplace, as well as improved treatment and recognition for QA industry-wide.


The Last of Us Part II

Talks & sessions

Panel Dicussion: Are diversity, inclusion and equity moving at the right pace?

Diversity  is a hot topic in every industry these days, but specially in the  gaming industry. Every person one talks to is up for including and  equity, however  scandals keep on popping and our offices and the games we make are not  yet that diverse. Why and what can we do? 

Andrés Ortiz Suaréz (Deck Nine)
Gabby Llanillo (Riot Games)
Linda Komsic (Square Enix)
Hosted by: Cristina Vega (IO Interactive)

Quality Leadership: Driving and Defining What Good Looks Like

Without a doubt, Quality Assurance is an integral part of the video game development cycle. But how does one define what quality looks like? It’s one thing to be able to play through a game and ensure its general functionality before release, and another to curate a specific experience for its players. What takes a video game from being simply playable to an unforgettable experience?

In this talk, I will discuss the value I've brought as a quality lead on my game development teams and how aligning with my team early in the process to define what "good" looks like, has significantly improved both the quality of our games and the relationship with our players.