Jarosław Andrzejczak

Jarosław Andrzejczak

UX Researcher / Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor at the Lodz University of Technology with 13 years of experience. Head of production, UX and interaction design in GRYDSEN VR (awarded i.a. the Gold Medal at the Japan Design, Idea and Invention Expo in Kyoto and the Gold Medal at the ConcoursLepine International Invention Exhibition in Paris). Participated in many scientific projects as a UI / UX expert. Organizer of the Team Game Development Competition (ZTGK). Creator and director of the first UI/UX master's degree program in Poland.

Talks & sessions

Automatic UX evaluation of a 3D video games and VR environment

The speech will cover the results of over three years of our studies, which resulted in a UX estimation method with precision over 82% with actual user data gathered from hundreds of users. Our solution in based on image analysis and processing of level walk-through or gameplay. Currently, the only way to verify the design of a virtual environment are tested with users, which due to the large time requirements and the number of participants needed are very expensive. For this reason, these tests are usually carried out at the production stage, where each change is also costly. Our method is a direct solution to this problem and can be used regardless of the technology and the video / VR game engine used, as well as at all stages of virtual space production. The feasibility of the project has been confirmed in our previous research (published in highly rated scientific journals) showing the effectiveness of the use of image analysis to estimate the user experience of virtual space.