Miloš Jeřábek

Miloš Jeřábek

Executive Producer
Miloš has over 15 years of experience in game development working in both creative and production roles across Europe in multicultural teams and environments on major blockbusters such as Mafia 2, World of Tanks and Quantum Break. In 2018 Milos co-founded Redhill Games, a team of seasoned industry veterans based in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Originally working on their own shooter game, Redhill Games is now set on becoming the partner of choice for AAA developers and publishers worldwide.


Nine to Five
Quantum Break
World of Tanks
Mafia 2

Talks & sessions

Honest Postmortem: A Game Studio's Journey to Redemption

In this talk, Miloš will share the story of how a game studio can navigate the treacherous waters of success and failure — from launching a game to falling short of expectations and ultimately emerging triumphant through a transformative shift from IP-building to co-development.

Listen to this talk and discover how to prepare contingency plans, deliver unwelcome news, and how to lead your team through the turmoil of uncertainty and adversity.