Olof Tedin

Olof Tedin

Board Member
A gamer at heart with a passion for the creative and immersive experinces games can bring, Olof always dreamt to work with the games industry as a kid. Now, in his day job he works to promote the games industry from southern Sweden as a business developer for the region of Skåne and a board member of Game Habitat.

Talks & sessions

Work-life balance and community as game dev tools – a Swedish perspective

Work-life balance and community as tools for making great games – a southern Sweden perspective”
Despite the games industry producing some of the most engaging and fun products on the planet, the industry is facing challenges in the workplace, like many other booming industries; male dominated workforce, high work load, stress/crunch, perceived challenges and lack of opportunities and other challenges.

In this talk, you will hear how the games industry in southern Sweden work to with work-life balance and community to, not only solve these challenges, but also grow into a global hub for game development.