Rob Carr

Rob Carr

Mission Designer/Senior Sound Designer
An industry veteran with over 16 years working in Video games and over 20 years working in the audio industry, Rob has spent a significant part of his life devoted to making some of the world best known titles such as GTA V, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, Nine to Five and many more in between. Starting out in Audio working for triple A power house Rockstar Games, Rob has moved both internationally and professionally on his journey in game development and now works as a game designer for Redhill Games in Finland where he's spent the last three and a half years working along side some of the greatest minds and inspiring game developers in Europe and across the pond as co-developers with Blizzard.


Nine to Five
Max Payne
Red Dead Redemption

Talks & sessions

Do As I Say: Making gamers do what you want without them knowing.

Would you kindly... join us for a deep dive into the world of audio design and how sound is used not only to enhance the vision of the game designers, and immerse the player but also how its used to subconciously control the players through instructive and informative methodologies and how those same ideals and techniques are used across different mediums from movies, to shopping centres.  Join us for some hands on experience as I show off real world ideas and techniques you can use in your games to help immerse players and streamline the gaming experience working with game design and environment art.