Troy Johnson

Troy Johnson

Advanced Game Designer
Troy has been designing and playing all kinds of games most of his life, with a longtime dream to develop compelling combat experiences in beloved pop culture worlds. He is grateful to the team and leadership at Avalanche Software for helping him fulfill that dream throughout his career, especially on Hogwarts Legacy. In addition to devising how to best conquer evil, he loves sharing his favorite childhood activities with his wife and three young children.


Hogwarts Legacy

Talks & sessions

Hogwarts Legacy: Designing for Broad Audiences

How do you go about designing a game that satisfies the expectations and fantasies of many different people? In this talk, Troy Johnson, Advanced Game Designer at Avalanche Software, discusses the process of designing Hogwarts Legacy for a worldwide audience of fans and gamers.  He’ll outline questions and tips that developers can use to help their game resonate with the widest range of players.