Tymon Smektała

Tymon Smektała

Franchise Director
Active member of the games industry for more than two decades. Started as a game journalist at the biggest Polish gaming magazine CD-Action, working as the magazine Editor and Editor-in-chief for the highly popular magazine’s website. Voted as the most influential game journalist in Poland. After switching careers to game development joined Techland where he took the role of a game designer on Dying Light, followed by assignments as a lead game designer on Dying Light: The Following and Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Recently promoted to Dying Light Franchise Director role. Active public speaker, often present in media and various game industry assemblages. Owner of two cats. Still can't decide which is better - Starobrno, Cerna Hora or Znojemskie... but plans to find out soon.


Dying Lihgt 2 Stay Human
Dying Light: The Following
Dying Light

Talks & sessions

9 design truths I learned from other people... to share them with YOU!

Sharing is caring... and we all should care about game design, right? That's why I see it as my obligation to share these 9 design truths I learned from other people - my colleagues, friends or designers I just barely met at GDC - with YOU!

This fun and entertaining talk will guide you through some of the game design insights I use in my daily work, all day, every day.  Hopefully you'll find them contagious and now YOU will spread them further.