Vladimir Gersl

Vladimir Gersl

Vlad is an experienced executive in the game industry (Activision, Sony, PLAION). He funded Cyber Sail Consulting and he is currently involved in many gaming projects as a business and production advisor. Vlad is helping studios to receive funding, find the right publishing partner, and deliver their product in the best shape to the right target audience. He also runs and co-owns the GoldKnights studio as an executive producer.


The Last Oricru

Talks & sessions

Transforming indie teams into AA productions

Throughout my career, I have helped various studios transitions from an indie team into an AA production. A good example is the Danish NapNok Games studio, which scaled from 15 to 70 people in about 1.5 years and released Frantics and Chimparty with Sony; or GoldKnights, increasing its team five times and releasing The Last Oricru with PLAION (former Koch Media). However, transforming an indie studio into an AA production isn‘t just about its size, it’s about different mindsets, skills and setting up proper quality-bar. And most importantly, it's not about making games for yourself anymore, but for a well-defined audience. It has its pros and cons. And in this talk, we will go through many of those aspects together in more detail.