Yaraslau Kot

Yaraslau Kot

Team Advisor
Dr. Yaraslau Kot Game Designer and Narrative Designer since 1996. Worked all over the world on many game projects. Has been Regional Coordinator for Eastern Europe and Asia of International Game Developers Association and Chairperson of Belarus Game Developers Association (BelGameDev). At the moment works for The Farm 51 game studio and ukranian project ComBat Vision. Coundel OF at Rymarz Zdort Maruta. Author of over 100 books and articles about games. Teaches “Game development project” Master-course at Tallinn University.



Talks & sessions

Panel Discussion: Game Industry Legal Challanges of Tomorrow

During this panel, experienced lawyers will discuss new challenges game developers industry is facing. We will cover some latest cases and problems of IP, Trademarks, will discuss AI disputes, and many other facinating topics you want to ask a lawyer about. 

Narrative tools in game dev industry

This report is small reflection of personal experience, research, study and interviews conducted by Prof Michal Mochocki (False Prophet) and Dr. Yaraslau Kot (The Farm 51).  We will discuss what hints and tips are used by many interviewed Narrative designers, what software is their favorite and why, what books do they advice to use and what do the advice to new aspiring writers in the industry.