Daniel Janák

Daniel Janák

UI Tech Lead
I've been in the gaming industry for over 6 years. I started as a UI programmer, and during my time, I've worked on multiple games. I landed in GRIP Studios in 2021 and began to oversee UI programmers on multiple projects, teaching them, while designing UI framework architectures for our clients.

Talks & sessions

Designing a better UI framework with MVVM

Talking about common problems with game UI and developing UI framework (the layer between UI and Gameplay systems). Describing and understanding MVVM pattern and which UI systems for game engines support it. Introduction and first steps into designing UI framework, areas on which to focus first, and how to separate certain logic into more comprehensive subsystems and type of abstraction that you'd like to introduce. Do's and don'ts of designing a UI framework, and a common description of an event-based design, with possible dive into a data-driven implementation on supported UI systems.