Linda Komsic

Linda Komsic

Senior QA Manager
Cat mum of the year. Snapback and hoodie enthusiast. Ex-plant killer. Quiet nerd by day, Swiftie by night. Your typical Aries that impulsively left Canada for London for new challenges. Since starting as a tester in 2007 and joining Square Enix as a Compliance Lead in 2015, I’ve spent my entire career in QA and continue to advocate for our QA heroes while championing QA as both a viable career and a suitable steppingstone for other opportunities within the industry.


Marvel Avengers
Life is Strange: True Colors
Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

Talks & sessions

Panel Dicussion: Are diversity, inclusion and equity moving at the right pace?

Diversity  is a hot topic in every industry these days, but specially in the  gaming industry. Every person one talks to is up for including and  equity, however  scandals keep on popping and our offices and the games we make are not  yet that diverse. Why and what can we do? 

Andrés Ortiz Suaréz (Deck Nine)
Gabby Llanillo (Riot Games)
Linda Komsic (Square Enix)
Hosted by: Cristina Vega (IO Interactive)

From Pre-Production to Release - Getting the Most Value Out Of QA

Often times Functionality, Certification, and Technical QA is considered to be more of a numbers game - allocate testers at a product once it’s “QA ready” and  find all the bugs. In reality, QA is much more than that and can add valuable input, feedback, and risk analysis/mitigation during the production and development cycle from both a QA and consumer/end user lens.

In this talk we’ll go over some benefits of having these QA teams involved as early as pre-production, things to consider to make the team’s day to day easier, and how valuable QA feedback can contribute to driving quality and success leading up release.