Rohit Singh

Rohit Singh

Principal Character Artist
I began my career in 2006 working as a Video editor but I always enjoyed making 3d characters. In 2015 I moved to game development and worked at Rockstar Games for Red Dead Redemption 2 and recently worked on MAFIA Definitive Edition as a Lead Character artist for Hangar-13 Games.


MAFIA Definitive Edition
Red Dead Redemption 2

Talks & sessions

Creating 3d Illustration for Character Art

Creating 3d characters is a very important part of Film and Games, you can express a lot by presenting your characters in a certain way which will bring appeal to your projects,

I will share some insights and tips on how I approach my professional and personal work to add personality and essence to them.

I will be sharing a Character breakdown from my Personal Project and how to avoid mistakes and also solve them by doing rough 3d concepting before making any final calls for finishing the asset in 3d.