Stoyan Stoyanov

Stoyan Stoyanov

Game Director
Game Designer turned Director with 7 years experience. Variety gamer, variety dev. Started with educational, VR & mobile - then took the leap to AAA RPG’s with Cyberpunk 2077 & Project Cornerstone. Currently Game Director at Jyamma Games, finding out the only thing harder than beating a soulslike is making one. Based in Kraków, free time evenly split between wrestling with ADHD and the weekly hobby. Whether you’re into working out, tech or atlantic sea urchins - I bet we’ll find common ground.


Project Cornerstone
Cyberpunk 2077

Talks & sessions

Respec(t) your player: bring engagement back to mainstream gaming

In this talk I will go through the high level of the last few decades of mainstream gaming, highlighting recent trends & what comes next for the sector. This talk will focus on concrete examples and approaches that I have learned over my time as a hardcore player and dev - spanning from mobile and VR all the way to Cyberpunk 2077. These can be applied to any title seeking a broader audience - but aiming to engage as much with play as it does with story and visuals. The elusive sweet spot of mainstream that I believe will be crucial to revitalise the space.